When Buying a Car, The Misconceptions

Wednesday, 23 March, 2016

Welcome to the first official blog of Msmysterycar. I will be doing many weekly series, on everything you need to know about the car industry. From car Purchasing, Services, Financing, Legal customer Rights and much more. I will be sharing with you the most classified information, taking you behind the scene of the most prestigious questions, facts and answers of the dealership world. You will learn the truth behind it all. Let us begin, on this car finding during.

One of the biggest misconceptions when purchasing a vehicle at a dealership. Can be purchasing a vehicle at a dealership. It does not matter if it is your first car, if you have bad credit, new credit or bankruptcy. You will still feel the same like every vehicle purchaser which is, scared and unknown.

This blog is to remove your fears and make you feel at peace when going to a reputable dealership, to purchase a vehicle. To begin, what most people fail to understand, buying a car is extremely easy. It has been said, "buying a car at a dealership can be the easiest thing to do because they, will do all of the work for you. Your only job is pick the car". If you have purchased at car before or have been present with anyone, who has purchased a vehicle. You will know the headache that comes with it. Having to register the car in a long ministry of transportation line, service the vehicle because you received it " As is", get a mechanical inspection on the car, buy any parts if needed, pay taxes on the car when you have registered the car and much more.... It is just way to Much! However, when you come to a dealership that has its own service department, your life becomes so much easier, leaving you to worry about more simple things like your job, life and children. The dealership will take care of everything for you, from the mechanical inspections, the Safety. Emissions, Services, Buffing, Cleaning, Registration, Financing and the list goes on.......There job is to help you.

The second misconception is, "cheating". Yes! Cheating. We most often think that the dealership will be making money from the customers by over pricing the vehicles and adding additional fees. But that is not the truth. When you walk into a dealership, I want you to look carefully or ask a sales represent if they are "OMVIC Certified". If they are, you are in good hands.... For that dealership has rules and regulations they must abide by. If you do not know what OMVIC is, I will go in dept in another Blog. However I will provide you with a brief example; OMVIC is like the police for dealerships. You will receive a ticket if you park without paying, on a pay for parking street or if you are breaking any road rules or regulations. That is the same for dealerships, if they breake any rules.... they will be penalised for it.

Lastly, will be the dealerships reputation. In life, the most important thing is reputation. If the dealership is all about themselves with zero customer service or customer awareness, they are most definitely looking out for themselves. However, if the dealership enforces, customer awareness, give backs, has a long history in the business with a great standing reputation....They are for the customers and you can be sure they will provide you with exceptional customer service. How do you know if a dealership has a great reputation? Do you research. Go onto there review pages such as Google Plus, Reviewsii, the Dealerships Official Website, Customer Testimonials. Go far and in dept! Look at there social media's such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Go even further! Look for the companies awards and achievements. It's okay. You are more than allowed to be a snoop. You are purchasing your car and you need to be 105% that you are in the right hands.

I hope I was able to help you, reduce your fears when going to a dealership. I will be blog every week for everyday vehicle tips and ticks you will need. I have also started my own segments on you-tube "the white board videos" this is where I will answer your questions in a video format. You can also connect with me personally and send an email of a question you will like to be answered. Until next time - Msmysterycar