Meet the Team

Kamran Khadem


Kamran Khadem is the Ceo/ President of Bell Auto Inc. He has been establishing Bell Auto Inc., with his father Alex Khadem from 1998. Kamran Khadem graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Business degree in Business. Once he graduated York University he jump-started into the dealership industry, beginning as a sales representative in his fathers growing business. Once Kamran understood the dealership world, he expanded in his fathers company as now the CEO/President of Bell Auto. Even though Bell Auto was founded by his father, Kamran had to work hard to have the position he has today.

The amount of years and experience Kamran has would surprise you for someone only at 40 years old. His bubbly, kinda and business savvy personality has customers of many years returning to Bell Auto. He is always finding innovative and updated way to drive customers to his dealership, not to purchase cars or do mechanical service but to show them his appreciation for his customers. This year he was presented with the 40 under 40 Award, The readers Choice Awards winning an award in all 4 categories of Best Used Car Dealership, Import Cars, Detailing and Overall Car Dealership, the Consumer Choice Awards for the best Used Car Dealership in the G.T.A and Surrounding Area's for a second year in a row. Kamran is always getting the best Quality Pre-Owned Inventory for his customers, the most affordable and well serviced Certified Mechanical Shop, doing weekly training with his staff to provide the most exception customer service. He is always pushing for a better Bell Auto.



Alex Khadem is the owner of Bell Auto Inc. Bell Auto Inc., was only but a dream, that would soon be his very reality today. Alex started Bell Auto Inc., inside another dealership, with only 6 vehicles and a small office. He was determined to expand his empire and he did.

In 1995 Alex branched out on his own, with little of anything but a life time of knowledge. He took everything he learn't, while having his small section inside another dealership and brought it to reality. He had nothing except his 6 cars and his knowledge. Branching out has landed Alex to be on top as, the most successful business owners in the Used Car Dealership Industry. Today he has around 200 plus vehicles inside his 20,000 sq feet indoor showroom. In addition to a Certified Mechanical Shop, in the back of this dealership. Along side his son Kamran Khadem, Alex Khadem is continuing to grow and expand his empire. Alex has inspired many young individuals to start and grow the own businesses. Educating the younger generation on his diligent sales, business and customer service practices.

Fardin Khateri

Automotive Detailing Specialist


Fardin Khateri is Bell Autos Incs., Automotive Detailing Specialist. He has dedicated years in the dealership industry and have provided Bell Auto Inc., and customers with the best quality detailing. Every customer that walks into the Bell Auto showroom in lost for works by his work. Using the best materials in addition to organic materials to detail the vehicle he has definitely mastered his craft.

Dary Moaf

Used car sales specialist

Dary Moaf is Bell Auto Inc's., sales representative and has sold many vehicle for Bell Auto. Coming from a photography background Dary established himself in the Auto world and works extremely hard as a Bell Auto sales representative. He does not fail to provide Bell Auto's customers with the best customer service and upholds the integrity of Bell Auto Inc.